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Here I respond to frequently asked questions

What are the conditions of use for the graphic resources on

All the graphic resources on, regardless of whether they are free or premium, are licensed. This means the artist retains the ownership rights to all the graphic resources and gives you permission to use those resources according to specific terms and conditions stipulated in the License.

For free graphic resources

- To use the free graphic resources available on, it is mandatory to attribute or link to the website in each End Product in which graphic content is used. You must use the following formulation for the credit: Illustration(s) from Upon removing the required credit, these Licensing Terms terminate immediately.

- Upon expiration or invalidation of the Licensing Terms, the rights granted to you under the Licensing Terms terminate; you must not use's graphic resources in any manner whatsoever after the expiration of the Licensing Terms.

For more details, please read the License.

For premium graphic resources

- To access and use the premium graphic resources available on, an active Membership during all the periods of use of the respective graphic resources is mandatory. The graphic resources from are not sold; they are licensed to you for the duration of your Membership.

-’s graphic resources may also only remain in use in any End Product (such as websites, apps or digital media) while your Membership is active. Should the Membership lapse, expire or be canceled, you are required to modify all End Products in which’s graphic resources have been used to remove’s graphic resources.

- You are not required to attribute or link to the website in any End Product in which use the Work, although this is always appreciated where possible. You can use the following formulation for the credit: Illustration(s) from

For more details, please read the License.

How does the Membership work?

The Membership plan is available for only 300 people at one time. By joining the Membership, you'll access both the existing content on, and also new graphic content monthly. As a member, you'll receive ten (10) credits per month which you'll be able to use at your discretion. One illustration costs one (1) credit. Please, keep in mind that credit balances are renewed each month, and any unused credits will not roll over to the next month. You'll be able to see your credit balance in your account.

Does joining the Membership allow me to download all the available graphic resources at once?

No. When you join the Membership, you receive 10 credits, allowing you to download a limited number of graphic resources per month at your discretion. For example, one illustration costs one (1) credit. You'll be able to see your credit balance in your account.

Does the subscription auto-renew?

Yes, the subscription is automatically renewed every month or year, depending on the type of billing you have chosen, and it is charged from the credit card or PayPal account saved on your account on website.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you may cancel the Membership from your account settings, provided you are no longer using the graphic resources. The subscription will remain valid until the last date of your billing cycle but will not renew. Please, keep in mind that you'll lose the right to use the graphic resources in any form whatsoever after the last date of your billing cycle.

Can I get my money back if I forgot to cancel my subscription, but didn't use the graphic resources available on

No. The amount paid is non-refundable even if you haven’t used your credits. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you are responsible to do so when not using graphic resources from anymore.

Can I get my money back if I joined the yearly plan, but have used the graphic resources less than a year?

No. When joining an annual Membership, you’re given a discounted price, and so this fee isn’t refundable even if the Membership has been used for less than a year. If you’re not sure how often you’ll need to use’s graphic resources, you may wish to consider joining the Membership on a monthly basis for more flexibility.