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what makes the project special?

Hey! Diana from here! 🤗

I'm the creative and the voice behind the project. I want to welcome you to my world and tell you a little about this project I curate, investing all the love and passion I have.

The project is special to me, and every little detail speaks of the personal touch I put into it. This project is a small creative business, and almost everything that happens behind the scenes is made by me or involves my creative vision. I create the overall concept and decide on the project's roadmap. Each and every month, I imagine quirky stories or turn my emotional energy into absurd illustrations that, despite their name, actually make sense! I carefully prepare, name, and organize the files so the project members can easily work with them. I translate my thoughts and emotions into serene text and then design newsletters to send them to my fantastic audience. And, of course, I answer all the lovely emails I receive from you! So, feel free to drop me an email whenever you want to get in touch; I'm always happy to hear from you!

As you can imagine, project is more than a graphic resources library; it's a combination of creative vision, attention to detail, and human approach. It's like a puzzle consisting of many pieces that carefully complement and enhance each other, making it a unique and enjoyable experience from the very beginning.

how does it work?

The project has a different approach to how other graphic resource libraries work. As opposed to big graphic resource libraries, is an independent project, behind which is a solo creator and a small community of amazing people who appreciate and support it at every step along the way.

Aside from the free illustrations you can download on the website, I’ve created a Membership for people who appreciate and enjoy using my art.

The Membership plan is available for only 300 people at one time. The project members are a special community for me, and they get the earliest, exclusive access to everything I create regularly within the project.

There are two series of works on, and within these, the works are grouped into chapters. The main series begins with Chapter 1 and consists of hand-drawn absurd illustrations intended to bring a human touch to digital projects while taking everyone on an artistic journey through their own imagination. This series evolved from my reflections on self-transformation, dreams, aspirations, emotions and everything else that marks everyday life. Think of this series as the essence (or heart) of this project.

Another content series on begins with Chapter X and consists of all kinds of creative graphic content that wasn't initially planned in the project's roadmap. This series arose from moments of spontaneous inspiration, is nourished by my genuine pleasure to surprise the project members with something extra, and is spiced up with suggestions I receive from them sometimes!

By joining the Membership and supporting this unique project regularly, the project members make its future development possible. This brings me the opportunity to keep dedicating enough time to creating and sharing my newest works with them and investing some of the revenue in improving the overall experience of the website.

who supports the project?

The community of is truly brilliant and diverse! It's incredible how the ethos behind this project can inspire and gather around it people from so many extraordinary professional sectors such as art, design, education, marketing and even some science-related fields and much more!

And if art that's carefully created with love and dedication by a human, for humans, speaks to you as much as it speaks to me, I invite you to join the project's Membership and be part of this inspiring journey!

That's all! If you want to know more, click here to read more details, or just drop me an email. I'm happy to hear from you.

All the best,


any absurd suggestions?