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  • absurd illustrations that make sense

    What about absurd illustrations for your projects? Take every user on an individual journey through their own imagination.

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  • real beauty resides in imperfection

    In a digital era, we sometimes feel the need to interact with something more human that will make us appreciate both the beauty and the imperfection of something made by hand.

  • expressiveness is... the new black

    This series of illustrations paradoxically combines absurdity and a deep sense of childishness and naivety.

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Welcome to my space for experiments! Look at this like a journey we can take together every step of the way, beginning another chapter with each new phase of the project development. And who knows where it will take us?

    examples of use

    Each illustration offers the possibility of limitless interpretations and everyone can give it its own meaning. It depends only on each one's creativity and free spirit.

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      High-Quality images with a transparent background.

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      Created by human imagination, no AI detected.

    • human

      Created by a real human free hand on a digital tablet.


    I have created a membership plan for people who love my works and wish to receive new artwork regularly - and support me along the way, too!

    Only 300 people at one time can become members and contribute to creating new illustrations and developing the project in the future.

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    At the moment, project members can choose from a variety of 0 absurd illustrations and graphic elements to spice up their projects.

    I added new graphic content on , and there’s lots more absurd art to come!

    appreciated and mentioned

    When the project was launched, I received lots of positive feedback on my illustrations and the ethos behind them. All kinds of websites and web personalities have shared this project and the idea it’s built on - and that makes me happy.

    Absurd Design - Free Surrealist Illustrations and Vector Art | Product Hunt
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    art shaped connections

    The world’s best marketers, designers and business owners love… So I believe it’ll strike a chord with you as well.

    Sara Soueidan Sara Soueidan surrealist illustrations are anything but absurd! I love them! Art that is right up my alley.

    Andrew Tsao Andrew Tsao

    Ah, I’ve been such a fan of the absurd illustration series! They're so unique and have so much character to them.

    Jane Manthorpe Jane Manthorpe

    I just love the designs and will be using them in my articles, website and teaching classes.

    Vaibhav Khulbe Vaibhav Khulbe

    I used these wonderfully absurd illustrations and they are truly one of a kind! Haven't seen anything like these before. So unique yet so much fun. Thank you for making this.

    Nikka Estefani Nikka Estefani

    This illustrations library is like a ‘little museum’ of artworks any user would love to use in their projects. They’re fresh, classy, and extraordinary subjects. Give your audiences an illustration to ponder upon or food for thought once in a while.

    Roberta Potter Roberta Potter

    That's some real art! The designs are unique and absurd, making them stand out from typical illustrations. I'm already brimming with ideas on how to use them! Thank you for allowing us to access this art - it'll be a great addition to my website, articles, and teaching materials.

    Vasil Vasil

    I've always liked the absurd illustration series! They're one-of-a-kind and full of personality. I loved utilizing these fantastically hilarious images, which are absolutely unique! I've never seen anything like this before. Such a one-of-a-kind experience that is also a lot of fun. Thank you for putting this together.

    Željko Jake Prša Željko Jake Prša

    Each individual can interpret them in their own way. That makes it so re-usable on so many levels and sites. Already implemented on our site and provided a nice credit in the footer. What can I say, I became a fan instantly.


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