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the back story

Hey! Diana from here! 🤗

I'm the creative and the voice behind the project. I want to welcome you to my world and to tell you a little about this project I curate, investing all the love and passion I have.

The project is a personal one. It started as a visual experiment, to take everyone on a human, artistic journey through their own imagination. Now, it’s a creative outlet for my thoughts, dreams and life experiences.

And I find it so inspiring that you, the people who appreciate this project and wish to use my art, choose to support me as an independent creator and choose my art as the visual voice of your projects.

Because when you choose to support an independent creator, you’re becoming part of their own artistic journey, helping them make a living from what they love - so they can keep doing it.

how it works

This project has a different approach to how other graphic resources libraries work. The works are grouped into chapters that differ slightly in style or technique. This makes the creative content more dynamic and diverse while maintaining the main concept. I regularly create and publish new absurd illustrations. Aside from the free illustrations you can download on the website, there are two types of products – a Membership plan and Individual Chapters.

The Membership plan is available for only 300 people at one time. By joining the Membership and supporting this unique project, people make the project's future development possible. The project members are a special community for me. Their regular support accompanies me every step along the way, from when I start working on a new chapter of illustrations until the chapter is completed and becomes an individual product. They give me a credit of trust I truly appreciate. And I want them to be the first to receive the newest absurd illustrations and use them in their incredible projects before they’re available as individual chapters. Apart from having early-bird access to the chapter in progress they contribute to, the project members can access exclusive extra content I enjoy creating to surprise them from time to time when I have some free time available and feel especially inspired. This is actually how Chapter X was created!

Once a new chapter of illustrations is completed, it becomes an individual product. From now on, it becomes available to those who aren't project members so they can buy a license and carry on creating the project of their dreams. And now is when I move on and start working on the next chapter giving the project members early-bird access to the new chapter in progress.

Ultimately, the project is a live representation of how a small community can contribute to developing an artist's independent project, helping it grow little by little. Thanks to the community's regular support, the project becomes more sustainable, making it possible for me, in turn, to keep dedicating enough time to creating and sharing my newest works with the community.

This project is a beautiful journey, and of course, I'm happy to share it with you. And I hope you'll enjoy my whimsical world and find your own special story in my illustrations!

All the best,

Diana Valeanu

any absurd suggestions?