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Chapter 4

Each illustration offers the possibility of limitless interpretations and everyone can give it its own meaning.
It depends only on each one's creativity and free spirit.

  • illustrations

    High-Quality images with a transparent background.

  • imagination

    Created by human imagination, no AI detected.

  • human

    Created by a real human free hand on a digital tablet.


color drop


I have created a membership plan for people who love my works and wish to support me and receive new artwork regularly.

  • membership
    Only 300 people can become members and contribute to creating new illustrations and developing the project in the future. The membership offers an exclusive opportunity to use the newest absurd illustrations before the chapter in progress is completed and becomes available to purchase by others.

    per quarter
    • Chapter 4 early-bird access
    • Chapter X micro-illustrations
    • New content regularly
    • No link required
    • PNG format files
    • SVG format files
    • Premium support
    Become Member

appreciated and mentioned

When the project was launched, I received lots of positive feedback on my illustrations and the ethos behind them. All kinds of websites and web personalities have shared this project and the idea it’s built on - and that makes me happy.

  • Smashing Magazine
  • Iconfinder
  • Evernote
  • CSS Tricks
  • Designmodo
  • Sidebar
  • Codrops
  • Design TAXI
  • eWebDesign
  • Prototypr
  • WWWhat's new
  • Awwwards

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